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Have Your Parts Rebuilt

D&E's commitment to excellence in rebuilding is to help maximize your customers' satisfaction with your store.

To go directly on how to get your part rebuilt Click: Computer & Ignitor Rebuilding

Have your parts rebuilt by the best - D&E. With D&E's commitment to excellence, D&E introduced the one year warranty on rebuilt parts in 1995, when the standard was ninety days! Also, D&E made the decision to warranty the entire board, not just the repair. This could be done because parts that were likely to become a problem were identified and replaced with upgraded parts - even when the originals are still good. An example of this is when the manufacturer installed 1/4 watt resistors where they would be used at their maximum rated capacity. Eventually they burn out. D&E replaces such components with ones that are electrically identical, but can run at a much higher power level. In this case one watt resistors were used - four times the original capacity. This approach helps prevent future problems with your part.

D&E coninues this tradition of excellence today to give you the best rebuilding possible. This helps you keep your machines running smooth and your customers happy with your store's good service.

For information on having your parts rebuilt go to: Computer & Ignitor Rebuilding (click on link)

NEW! Place Rebuilding Order on This Site!

Fast and convenient for dryer computers and ignitors, others to be added.

To send in an order of parts for rebuilding, order and check out as usual.

To pay after your part is rebuilt, use code RBLD at check out and you will not be charged until done.


We will email you a FedEx shipping label that you can use to send in your parts.

If you wish to use a different shipping method, simply include a note at checkout and your shipping will be refunded.

Just print out and include your invoice in the box.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at:  607-759-1995

Best Regards,