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Warranty Info

Your purchased and rebuilt parts are covered by the strongest warranty in the industry.  The following information is provided so you get the most of what your paying for.

Please install your rebuilt part as soon as you recieve it. If it is a spare, simply replace the current part with your new part and keep the other as a spare. This way you will be able to take full advantage of the warranty.  In the past we have had some instances where customers put their new or rebuilt parts in storage and expect to take advantage of the warranty years after the original rebuild date in the unlikely event something was missed.

  - Purchased & Refurbished Warranty -

Happy Laundry Parts offers a full 1 year warranty on purchased / refurbished boards.  This does not cover warranties due to physical damages or an overloaded motor circuit.  An overloaded circuit would be a case where a 24v computer was plugged into a 120v power source (and/or vise versa.)

  - Touch Pad & Overlay Warranty -

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our membrane touchpads and custom overlays.  This protects against defects, materials, and workmanship.  We dont warranty normal wear and tare.   But we stand behind the fact that our touch pads & overlays are of the best quality in the industry (better than OEM.)

  - Rebuild & Upgrade Warranty -

the warranty is very simple: your part is completely covered (execpt for physical damage, corrosion, or abuse) for one year from the date you recieve it.

  First 90 Days:

There are no shipping charges during the first 90 days of your warranty.  In the unlikely event we missed something on your part it wil show up immediately or shortly after installation.

  After 90 Days:

After 90 days include $5.00 to cover a portion of the return shipping.  A failure 90 days after will usually not be something that we could have foreseen during rebuild or testing.  However, any further repairs are still completely covered by the warranty.

  - Sending in Warranty Parts -

We are only happy humans and on rare occasions; a mistake can get through.  Although we hope you never need to return a part for warranty repairs, please include a description of the problem inside the box along with a phone number you or maintenance personnel can be easily reached at.

Happy Laundry Parts: Warranty
1724 Hawleyton Rd.
Binghamton, NY 13903
Phone: 607-759-1995