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Pad Patch TM Overlay Repair

The PadPatch TM  QuickFix TM is a very durable, good looking, Quick, Easy repair for worn out original equipment overlays.

A great alternative to replacing the overlays is a PadPatch TM QuickFix TM. These repair just the area that is worn out on the overlay, without having to go through the time and expense of replacing the entire overlay. PadPatch TM makes a great looking, long lasting repair - Quickly and Easily!

Original worn overlay - touch pad exposed            Original Overaly repaired with QuickFix TM Touch Pad Protected from Damage

sqwc-8-start-close-up.jpg                        sqwc-8-qf-on-washer.jpg 


Repaired overlay on machine - looks great!  Try a FREE Sample - your first one is FREE!