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Programming Your Speed Queen / Huebsch Dryer Computers


Step-by-Step Programming Instructions:

Setting the Start Time Only

1. Start with all the DIP switches in the two blocks under the display in the OFF position (down)

2. Press reset button to clear memory

3. Press button to the left of the display to show start time for the dryer. This works indepently of the other time settings!

       ( Press High Temp to increase; Low Temp to decrease.)

4. Press button to the left of the display again to turn off the display

       ( Left set of DIP switches under display.)

Important Notes :

** After each setting be sure to turn off the switch before continuing to the next step **

** All adjustments are made by pressing High Temp button increase setting or Low Temp button to decrease setting **

Time and Temperature (Other than Start Time):

1. Turn on switch #1 (up) set cool down time: Press High Temp to increase; Low Temp to decrease. NOTE:on some computers this sets free dry; if display shows Cd dryer is set for coins, press High Temp for free dry setting

2. Turn #1 OFF

3. Turn on switch #2. For single coin opeated dryer set at 1.0

        For dual coin operated dryer set quarter/dime ratio by pressing High or Low Temp (example: 1 quarter 2.5 dimes or 3.0 ect.)

4. Turn off switch #2.

5. Turn on switch #3. Set the number of coins needed to start the dryer (High Temp to increase; Low Temp to decrease). Turn off #3

6. Turn on switch #4. Sets the time/coin for coins added after the coins necessary to start the dryer. (Hi incr.; Low decr.; turn off)

7. Temperature Settings: Switch #5 sets Low Temp.; Switch #6 sets Perm Press; Switch #7 sets High Temp

RUNNING DRYER: ALL DIP switches should be in the OFF position except the following: #3 ON for free dry; #4 ON for beeper on; #5 ON displays temperature while running (some dryers)